Below are some examples of the kind of projects I have done for other companies:

Business Strategy

Turnaround – Changed a software company from unprofitable to profitable with a net + $750,000 by developing strategic customer alliances and focusing on their key product and support needs
Strategic Customer Partnerships – Facilitated and managed a strategic customer meeting with 10 customer executives that resulted in a 2-year customer contract worth +$30 million / year in sales

Business Development

New Business – Created and presented new business strategy for senior management and the implementation plans after gaining concurrence. This resulted in thousands of new cashless/software connection and millions of new reoccurring revenue dollars
Acquisition – Assessed new business development opportunities and then led the acquisition of controlling interest of the targeted company and closed the deal in 6 months. Similar outcome while at Frito-Lay
Growth – – Led the sales and marketing responsibility for Coin Acceptors/Nayax and grew sales by 5x. Grew sales by double digits consistently at Frito-Lay, PepsiCo and Crane.

Sales and Marketing

Reorganization / Team Building –Assessed the sales, service and marketing teams of three separate organizations and combined them into one team. This resulted in increased sales + 31%, profits + 21% and reduced costs -11%
Sales Growth – Reversed sales trends that were declining by 20% to positive +5% growth rate
Brand Management – Developed and launched a new brand for the wireless telemetry and cashless products and services
Negotiator – Increased profit margin 9 points and doubled volume with largest customer.
Performance Management – Created a results oriented culture with a public performance management process
Customer Presentations – Created impactful customer presentations and trained the sales team on how to use them and customize them appropriately. This was a key part of tripling the sales